BIOM SAFE is CareBiom’s microbiome analysis and storage services for cancer patients focused on novel insights on microbiome composition and metabolic profile that helps with cancer treatment and long-term care

Problem & Opportunity

Core Gut Microbiome: Evolved with your body into an  adaptive organ with enormous genetic/metabolic  potential to modulate key physiological functions.  Major shift or dysbiosis can cause serious health consequences Cancer treatment can totally wipeout or significantly alter gut microbiome. Further new studies have shown that cancer treatment efficacy is dependent upon good gut flora. The problem is unless we have a detailed profile of the gut microbiome composition of patients before and after cancer treatment, clinicians do not have any data to corelate the gut microbiome and treatment efficacy. Further, once we lost the core microbiome due to cancer treatment, we don’t have a way to get the same gut flora profile unless we have a storage of the original gut flora as resource for analysis and reuse.

Our Solution:

BiomSAFE:  We collect, analyze and cryostore a portion of patients core microbiome before and after treatment with the option to reuse it for future as personalized medicine or nutrition. Our detailed analysis includes microbiome flora composition, potential microbiome biomarkers for treatment efficacy, and metabolomic profile relevant to cancer treatment The microbiome composition and temporal changes of patient’s core microbiome will significantly help clinicians to devise a better treatment and care plan 

BIOMSAFE: Collect, analyze and store  cancer patients gut flora

Analyze patient’s microflora  for flora diversity and  metabolite profile  before cancer treatment. Helps to identify biomarkers and  risk factors related to Microbiome and cancer therapy. Devise a better treatment plan

The Process: Collect commensal flora before cancer treatment

Catalogue and cryostore your core microbiome before treatment

Modify your treatment plan, dietary  plan and supplement  regimen. Proactive  lifestyle changes

Collect commensal flora after cancer treatment

Regenerate and  reinfuse your  saved healthy  commensal  microbiome to  its original state, if clinicians found that  as a tool.

Analyze the changes in gut flora  and metabolite after treatment

Assess patient’s cancer treatment efficiency, relapse and other health parameters with microbiome data


With BiomSAFE, you are taking control of your gut microbiome by storing your gut flora pre-treatment  and knowing the changes on your microbiome  after treatment

WHY NOW: Cancer treatment – Alters or wipe out core microbiome. Dysbiotic microbiome affect treatment efficiency

Cancer survivors- Often ends up with gut health  issues that leads to other health complications

Recent studies have shown that gut microbiome affects the efficacy of cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapy, especially ICIs involving blockade of PD-1 or PD-L1 and CTLA-4

Cancer spread or recurrence is linked to gut  microbiome

The physician has data on post-treatment with the option to re-infuse your own core microbiome


BiomSAFE+- Preferred Health Plan  PRICE: $3000 and $500/year


  • Collect and bank gut flora and microbiome

  • Analyze your microbiome before treatment for biomarkers and composition. Predict treatment efficacy by analyzing microbiome and tumor biology

  • Analyze your microbiome after treatment for changes

  • QoL products- Design microbiome intervention plan for muscle regeneration, side effects remediation (e.g. mucositis)

  • Expansion and reinfusion of stored microbiome

  • Microbiome optimized dietary  plan for patients





Cancer treatment – Physician can determine quality of life and adjunct procedures that will help patient’s health, wellness and longevity

With the emerging role of microbiome in human health, maintaining a healthy microbiome is a critical component of any treatment plan

Patients are using their own microbiome/gut flora which does not come under regulatory hurdle like lengthy drug approval process

The overall data generated from BIOMSAFE will be critical tool to determine the role of microbiome in various cancer therapies success or failure