About Us

Even with all the advances in the medical science, cancer is a still a devastating disease that takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year. Due to disease heterogeneity, standard treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, are effective in only a subset of the patient population


Who we are

CareBiom is founded by a team of scientists , business experts, and clinicians with a focus on developing personalized cancer care and cancer wellness programs. By combining our founders and management team’s proven experience in microbiome science, cancer diagnostics and translational research, we have created a powerful platform to develop transformative therapies to dramatically improve patients’ lives. We’re developing precision diagnostics, adjunct therapies and long-term cancer wellness program that make a real meaningful impact in the quality of life for patients.

Our vision

We believe core microbiome that evolved with you into a ‘matured organ’ play a vital role in your health and wellness. Our vision is to improve the quality of lives of cancer patients through innovative personalized microbiome adjunct therapies & wellness products

Why now?

We are at an exciting convergence of exceptional scientific strides in human genomics and microbiome metagenomics, we believe that these scientific data coupled with AI technologies can be used to predict and design cancer diagnostics, treatment and wellness programs.

Our mission

Collaborate with patients, researchers & clinicians to develop, and commercialize personalized treatment to make real meaningful impact in the quality of life in cancer patients.


Vijitha Viv

Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer
Vijitha Vivekanandan is the founder and Chief Operations Officer at Biom Pharmaceuticals. She is an operational expert with a solid background in Informational Technology and e-commerce.

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Bobban Subhadra M.S, PhD

President, Chief Science Officer
Dr. Subhadra leads the Biom Pharmaceuticals. As CEO of Biom, he brings expertise in growing and scaling businesses, operations, marketing, and innovation and broad brand portfolios.

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Is developing microbiome-focused adjunct personalized cancer care. We’re complementing personalized precision therapies and long-term cancer wellness program that make a real meaningful impact in the quality of life for both patient and caregivers